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A LavishGUI 2 slider element has a standard Border, and a handle which slides from one end to the other, to display and adjust a numeric value within a given range.

Defining a slider element

An slider element is an Element with additional properties.

Slider element properties
handle An Element definition for the Handle of the slider
fromEdge One of "left" "right" "top" "bottom", specifying the edge that represents the minimum value
minValue An integer (whole number) specifying the minimum value for the slider, or 0 by default.
maxValue An integer (whole number) specifying the maximum value for the slider, or 100 by default.
value An integer (whole number) specifying the current value for the slider, or 0 by default.
borderBrush A Brush definition specifying the brush for the standard Border
backgroundBrush A Brush definition specifying the brush for the background inside the Border
borderThickness A Thickness definition specifying the thickness for the standard Border


slider events
Define these Event Handlers within an "eventHandlers" Object
onValueChanged The value changed


LavishGUI 2 Element Types

LavishGUI 2 LavishScript Object Types

Core API (see Using LavishGUI 2 from LavishScript)
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Element Components
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Element Base Types
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