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Object Type Vitals
Defined By LavishGUI 2
Inherits lgui2contentbase
Reduces To lgui2itemlist
Variable Object Type none
Uses Sub-Types no
C/C++ Type void *

A lgui2itemlist object provides access to common Item List properties of an Element, and inherits from lgui2contentbase. An Item List contains Items.


  • lgui2element ItemsContainer: The element used to contain and display Item views
  • int64 ItemCount: The number of Items contained
  • lgui2item Item[#]: The item at the given position #
  • int64 SelectedItemCount: The number of Items selected
  • lgui2item SelectedItem: The first selected item
  • lgui2item SelectedItem[#]: The nth selected item


  • InsertItem[json]: Creates a new Item with the given JSON data, inserting it at the end of the Item List
  • InsertItem[json,#]: Creates a new Item with the given JSON data, inserting it at the given position # within the Item List (pushing later items to a higher position #)
  • ClearItems: Clears all Items from the Item List
  • MoveItem[#1,#2]: Moves the Item from position #1 (removing from this position) to be at position #2 (inserting at this new position)
  • RemoveItem[#]: Removes an Item from Item List, at the given position #
  • SetItemSelected[#,TRUE/FALSE]: Sets an Item's selected state, at the given position #
  • ClearSelection: Clears the set of selected Items


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