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Command Difficulty Rating
Usage Intermediate
Level of Understanding Intermediate
Computer Savvy Intermediate
Logic Intermediate

WaitFor <up to 20 things> [max wait in tenths of seconds]


WaitFor can only be used within a script.

WaitFor is generally used to wait for one of several responses to an action. Script execution is paused until one of the responses is found, or the specified timeout interval elapses. WaitFor will use each possible response given as a case sensitive search string. If no timeout is given, the default is 5 seconds. The WaitFor Top-Level Object is then used to determine the result of the command.


  • Example 1
Press N
WaitFor "You don't have one" "You drank the"
Switch ${WaitFor}
case 0:
   echo "WaitFor Timed out"
case 1:
   echo "I didn't have one!"
case 2:
   echo "Phew, I drank it"

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