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The tutorial that was previously here is outdated and needs a complete rewrite. In the meantime, here's a quick step by step overview

  1. Create .NET project
  2. Reference Lavish.InnerSpace.dll to use Inner Space functionality in your .NET app (note: for it to work, the application has to be loaded via Inner Space, or the API will not perform any action). Reference Lavish.LavishNav.dll to use LavishNav functionality (same caveat)
  3. Import Lavish.InnerSpace.XML and Lavish.LavishNav.XML for complete Intellisense documentation of Inner Space and LavishNav functionality if desired
  4. Build application
  5. Place built executable (.exe) in InnerSpace\.NET Programs folder
  6. Launch application via Inner Space with the "dotnet" command, in the uplink or in the desired host session