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Echoes text to an Inner Space console

Reference Library


Fully Qualified Name



static public void Echo([In] string Output);


  • [In] string Output
The text to output to the console. This is very similar to System.Console.WriteLine.

Color Codes

Color codes are allowed in console output. Color codes begin with \a (ASCII value 10, or 0xa in hex), followed by a letter indicating the color. Placing a - before the letter indicates a dark version of that color.

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  • y - yellow (-y for dark)
  • o - orange (-o for dark)
  • g - green (-g for dark)
  • u - blue (-u for dark)
  • r - red (-r for dark)
  • t - teal (-t for dark)
  • b - black (clear)
  • m - magenta (-m for dark)
  • p - purple (-p for dark)
  • w - white (-w for dark)
  • x - previous color
Color Code Examples
InnerSpace.Echo("\arRed \aoOrange \ayYellow \agGreen \auBlue \apPurple \a-wGrey");

Return Value




using InnerSpaceAPI;
namespace HelloWorld
     public class HelloWorld
        public static void Main()
            InnerSpace.Echo("Hello World!"); // Equivalent to System.Console.WriteLine


using namespace InnerSpaceAPI;
int main(int argc, char *argv[])
	// called when the assembly is loaded
       InnerSpace::Echo(L"Hello World");
	return 0;

Visual Basic

Imports InnerSpaceAPI
Namespace HelloWorld
   Public Class HelloWorld
       Public Shared Sub Main()
           InnerSpace.Echo("Hello World!")
       End Sub
   End Class
End Namespace

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