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A LavishGUI 2 window is a headered Content Container element, where the header can be placed on an edge of the Content, and the Content is collapsible. A Window can be dragged and resized with the mouse.

Defining a window element

A window element is a Content Container with additional properties.

Window element properties
title An Element definition specifying the content to be placed in the titleBar
titleBar An Element definition specifying the container to place the header in
expanded A boolean value specifying whether the content is expanded (otherwise, it is collapsed)


From the lgui2eventargs examples
  "type": "window",
  "name": "demo window",
  "title": "My Window",
  "content": {
    "type": "button",
    "name": "myButton",
    "horizontalAlignment": "stretch",
    "verticalAlignment": "stretch",
    "content": "This is my button!",
    "eventHandlers": {
      "onMouseButtonMove": [ "method", "TestUIController", "Test_OnMouseButtonMove" ],
      "onButtonMove": [ "method", "TestUIController", "Test_OnButtonMove" ],
      "onDpadMove": [ "method", "TestUIController", "Test_OnDpadMove" ],
      "onAxisMove": [ "method", "TestUIController", "Test_OnAxisMove" ],
      "onMouseMove": [ "method", "TestUIController", "Test_OnMouseMove" ],
      "onMouseWheel": [ "method", "TestUIController", "Test_OnMouseWheel" ]

LavishGUI 2 Element Types

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