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relay <uplink name|session name|all|all local> [-echo|-event <name>|-noredirect] <message|command>

Note: To send a command to your local uplink, use the uplink command.


Relays a command to a given session. This is asynchronous -- the command is not guaranteed to have executed in the given session by the time this command completes. If "all" is used, the command is broadcast to all sessions (including remote). If "all local" is used, the command is broadcast to all local sessions.


From Lax: When you relay, the output of the command is sent to the sender, not displayed on the remote session. The -noredirect switch makes it so the output is displayed on the remote session

The uplink's name, is the same as the system-name. The system-name can be read with ${SettingXML[InnerSpace.XML].Set[Remote].GetString[Name].Escape}


  • Relay is1 "Press 1"
From the uplink
  • Relay is1 "Press Alt+F1"
From a session
  • Relay all -echo "Hi"
  • Relay "all local" -echo "Hi"
Relaying a single-parameter event execution
  • Relay all -event EVENT_NAME Param1
Relaying a multi-parameter event execution
  • Relay all "Event[EVENT_NAME]:Execute[param1,param2,\"param3 has quotes\"]"

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