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Record [-c] [-C] [-p] [-P] [-s] [-S] [-rate #] [-quality #] [-size #x#]


Begins capturing audio and video.


  • -c: Enables compression
  • -C: Disables compression (default)
  • -p: Enables pre-shrinking (default)
  • -P: Disables pre-shrinking
  • -s: Enables sound (default)
  • -S: Disables sound
  • -rate #: Sets capture rate - # out of 100 frames will be captured (default: 80)
  • -quality #: Sets quality - # out of 100, 100 being highest quality (default: 60)
  • -size #x#: Sets capture size (defaults to current game resolution)


Record a video at 640x480, with preshrinking, compression, and sound

  • Record -c -p -s -size 640x480

Record a video at current resolution, with preshrinking, no compression, no sound, at 100 quality and 100 frames per 100

  • Record -C -p -S -rate 100 -quality 100

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