ISSession:HUDAdd (Command)

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Command Difficulty Rating
Usage Intermediate
Level of Understanding Beginner
Computer Savvy Beginner
Logic Intermediate

HUDAdd <name> <#,#> <text>


Adds an element to the HUD at the given position, with the given text. The text is not immediately parsed (for ${}) -- it will be parsed at the time it is displayed on the HUD. Note that any HUD element with a text value of "NULL" will not be displayed.


  • HUDAdd fps 0,0 ${FPS}
  • HUDAdd SystemRAM 20,20 "System RAM Available: ${System.MemFree}MB/${System.MemTotal}MB"
  • HUDAdd TextureMem 20,35 "Texture Memory Available: ${Display.TextureMem}MB"

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