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navpoint is deprecated and is not supported. There may be bugs in it. Please use LavishNav instead


This data type gives information and control over Navigation Points.


  • float X: X coordinate
  • float Y: Y coordinate
  • float Z: Z coordinate
  • string Name: Name of the navigational point
  • bool ConnectsTo[name]: TRUE if the point connects to a specified point
  • bool ConnectsFrom[name]: TRUE if the point connects from a specified point
  • int Outgoing: Number of outgoing connections from this point
  • int Incoming: Number of incoming connections to this point
  • navpoint Outgoing[n]: nth point with a connection from this point
  • navpoint Incoming[n]: nth point with a connection to this point
  • string Note: A user-defined note set with the navigational point
  • string Custom[name]: value of the custom setting <name>


  • SetPosition[#,#,#]: Changes the location of the navigational point
  • SetName[name]: Changes the name of the nav point
  • Delete: Deletes the nav point
  • AddConnection[name]: Adds a connection to a nav point
  • AddConnection[name,bidirectional]: Adds a bidirectional connection to a nav point
  • DeleteConnection[name]: Deletes a connection to a nav point
  • DeleteConnection[name,bidirectional]: Deletes a bidirectional connection to a nav point
  • SetNote[note]: Attaches a note to the navigational point
  • Rename[newname]: Renames a point to <newname>
  • SetCustom[name,value]: Sets a Custom data for this point
  • RemoveCustom[name]: Removes a Custom data



Retrieve a name of a point by ID#

  • echo Point name: ${Navigation.World[earth].Point[13].Name}
Point name: Cincinatti

Check a points connection to another point

  • echo 13 Connect to 14? ${Navigation.World[earth].Point[13].ConnectsTo[${Navigation.World[earth].Point[14]}]}
13 connect to 14? TRUE

Display the nth connection point from given point

  • echo 1st connection to Point13: ${Navigation.World[earth].Point[13].Outgoing[1]}
  • echo 2st connection to Point13: ${Navigation.World[earth].Point[13].Outgoing[2]}
1st connection to Point13: Columbus
2nd connection to Point13: Chicago

Create a bidrection connection between two points

  • Navigation.World[earth].Point[13]:AddConnection[${Navigation.World[earth].Point[15]},bidirectional]
  • Navigation.World[earth].Point[13]:AddConnection[Detroit,bidirectional]

Note: These two are functionally the same

Remove a connection from point A to point B

  • Navigation.World[earth].Point[13]:RemoveConnection[Detroit]

Note: Now Cincinatti no longer connects to detroit, but detroit still connects to cincinatti

Create a note for a point

  • Navigation.World[earth].Point[15]:SetNote[MCC Poker room is better than Greektown]
This command will create the note "MCC Poker room is better than Greektown" for point 15 in world "earth"

Read a note for a point

  • echo Note: ${Navigation.World[earth].Point[15].Note}
Note: MCC Poker room is better than Greektown

Retrieve the location of a point in a world

  • echo X: ${Navigation.World[earth].Point[Michigan].X} Y: ${Navigation.World[earth].Point[Michigan].Y}
X: -341.77 Y: -2743.61

Set a new position for a given point

  • Navigation.World[earth].Point[13]:SetPosition[1234,291,-213]
This command will change Point 13 in world "earth"'s position to 1234,291,-213

Rename a point

  • Navigation.World[earth].Point[France]:Rename["Mike's Kingdom"]

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