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The object type for mouse control. The methods for this object type sends the emulation directly to the game bypassing all IS UI elements(e.g. console, user made UIs).


  • string System: Name of the currently active system for mouse input (DirectInput, Win32I)
  • int X: Current mouse X position (horizontal)
  • int Y: Current mouse Y position (vertical)
  • float Speed: Current system mouse speed, 1.0 = 100%
  • int Acceleration: Current system mouse acceleration setting
  • int Threshold1: Current system mouse acceleration threshold 1
  • int Threshold2: Current system mouse acceleration threshold 2
  • string Position: Position of the mouse, in the form X,Y, such as 0,0 or 263,475
  • bool Cursor: TRUE if system cursor is visible
  • bool BackgroundCursor: TRUE if Inner Space is rendering the cursor (while the game is inactive)


  • LeftClick: Presses and immediately releases the left mouse button
  • RightClick: Presses and immediately releases the right mouse button
  • HoldLeft: Presses and holds the left mouse button
  • ReleaseLeft: Releases the left mouse button
  • HoldRight: Presses and holds the right mouse button
  • ReleaseRight: Releases the right mouse button
  • SetPosition[x,y]: Sets the mouse position
  • Wheel[#]:
  • ShowCursor:
  • HideCursor:
  • SetBackgroundCursor[bool]:
  • ResetSpeed: Resets system mouse speed to 100% (Speed=1.0) -- this will cause system lag when applied
  • DisableAcceleration: Disables system mouse acceleration -- this will cause system lag when applied


Same as Position


Display active system for mouse input

  • echo Current mouse input: ${Mouse.System}
Current mouse input: Win32I

Display mouse pointers position

  • echo Mouse Pos: ${Mouse}
Mouse Pos: 378,607

Click the left mouse button

  • Mouse:LeftClick
This command clicks the left mouse button

Click the right mouse button

  • Mouse:RightClick
This command clicks the right mouse button

Click and hold the left mouse button

  • Mouse:HoldLeft
This command clicks and holds down the left mouse button

Release the left mouse button

  • Mouse:ReleaseLeft
This command releases the left mouse button

Sets the mouse position to a given X,Y

  • Mouse:SetPosition[250,500]
This command will move mouse pointer to the pixel at 250,500
   wait 5
   wait 5
while (1)

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