ISKernel:midiindevice (Object Type)

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Object Type Vitals
Defined By Inner Space
Inherits none
Reduces To midiindevice
Variable Object Type none
Uses Sub-Types no
C/C++ Type

Accesses the MIDI system


  • jsonobject AsJSON: A JSON summary of this device
  • jsonobject Metadata: Metadata associated with this device
  • unistring Name: The Port Name from this device, as passed to MIDI:OpenDeviceIn
  • unistring DeviceName: The Name of the device itself, as specified by the device


  • Start: Starts receiving MIDI input, to the receiver specified to MIDI:OpenDeviceIn (either LavishGUI 2 or a LavishScript object method)
  • Stop: Stops receiving MIDI input
  • Reset: Resets MIDI input
  • Close: Closes the midiindevice, which will then be removed from MIDI.InDevices and must be opened again via MIDI:OpenDeviceIn

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