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Command Difficulty Rating
Usage Beginner
Level of Understanding Beginner
Computer Savvy Beginner
Logic Beginner

Press -keylist|[-hold|-release] <key combination>


  • Press -keylist displays a list of keys available (based on Locale)
  • Press <key combination> will hold down keys in order given then release them
  • Press -hold <key combination> will hold down the key combination
  • Press -release <key combination> will release the keys in key combination
  • Press -nomodifiers <key combination> will release any modifiers for the duration of pressing the given combo. May not be used with -release or -hold.


Display all available keys

  • Press -keylist
List of available keys:
'              8              C              F10            F22            Home           Mouse5         Num 2          Page Down      Space  
,              9              Caps Lock      F11            F23            I              Mouse6         Num 3          Page Up        Sys Req
-              ;              Clear          F12            F24            Insert         Mouse7         Num 4          Pause          T      
.              =              Ctrl           F13            F3             J              Mouse8         Num 5          Q              Tab    
/              [              D              F14            F4             K              MouseWheelDown Num 6          R              U      
0              \              Delete         F15            F5             L              MouseWheelUp   Num 7          Right          Up     
1              ]              Down           F16            F6             Left           N              Num 8          Right Alt      V      
2              `              E              F17            F7             Left Windows   Num *          Num 9          Right Ctrl     W      
3              A              End            F18            F8             M              Num +          Num Del        Right Shift    X      
4              Alt            Enter          F19            F9             Mouse1         Num -          Num Enter      Right Windows  Y      
5              Application    Esc            F2             G              Mouse2         Num /          Num Lock       S              Z      
6              B              F              F20            H              Mouse3         Num 0          O              Scroll Lock    
7              Backspace      F1             F21            Help           Mouse4         Num 1          P              Shift

Press specific keys

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+X
Presses Ctrl, then Alt, then X, then releases them

Hold specific keys

  • Press -hold Shift
Presses and holds Shift

Release specific keys

  • Press -release Shift
Releases shift, used after a Press -hold

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