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Command Difficulty Rating
Usage Beginner
Level of Understanding Beginner
Computer Savvy Beginner
Logic Beginner

Macro <name> [speed %]|-record <name>|-stop


  • Macro -record <name> - starts recording key and mouse commands. no interaction with InnerSpace UI will be recorded.
  • Macro <name> [speed %] - Starts a macro running at [speed %] of the original macro (Default 100%)
  • Macro -stop - stops the macro recording or a playback of a macro


Record a Macro

  • Macro -record contra
Quick, hit up down up down left right left right a b a b select start!

Stop recording a macro

  • Macro -stop
Sweet, got 30 lives!

Run a macro

  • Macro contra 300
Gotta beat it for the 9th time today!

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