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Command Difficulty Rating
Usage Intermediate
Level of Understanding Intermediate
Computer Savvy Intermediate
Logic Intermediate

HUD -list|-remove <name>|-add <name> <#,#> <text>


  • HUD -list - lists Inner Space HUD Elements
  • HUD -add <name> <#,#> <text> - Creates a HUD Element with <text> at <#,#> position
  • HUD -remove <name> - removes a HUD element


List all HUD Elements

  • HUD -list
Inner Space HUD Elements
'fps' [20,5] [Color:FFFFFFFF] [Group:FPS Indicator] [Size:12] 'FPS: ${Display.FPS}'
'system memory indicator' [20,20] [Color:FFFFFFFF] [Group:Memory Indicator] [Size:12] 'System RAM Available: ${
'texture memory indicator' [20,35] [Color:FFFFFFFF] [Group:Memory Indicator] [Size:12] 'Texture Memory Availabl

Add a HUD Element

  • HUD -add FPS 0,0 ${FPS}
Adds a HUD element named "FPS" at location 0,0 on the screen, with the value of ${FPS}. The value is parsed when the HUD is updated, not right away, so this value automatically updates.

Remove a HUD Element

  • HUD -remove FPS
Removes the "FPS" element

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