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Command Difficulty Rating
Usage Intermediate
Level of Understanding Intermediate
Computer Savvy Beginner
Logic Intermediate

Wait <tenths of seconds> [early continue condition]


Pauses execution of this script for a specified amount of time, given in tenths of seconds (deciseconds). A condition may be supplied in order to continue execution early. The condition and end time will be checked once per frame.


  • Wait 10
Waits 1 second
  • Wait 10 ${StopWaiting}
Waits 1 second or until ${StopWaiting} is non-zero


Parameter must be an int, not a decimal. Values less than 1 result in no wait.

noop x 100 took 0.047000 seconds
wait 0 x 100 took 0.078000 seconds
wait 0.5 x 100 took 0.062000 seconds
wait 0.1 x 100 took 0.063000 seconds
wait 1 x 100 took 11.138000 seconds
waitframe x 100 took 1.669000 seconds

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